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Storage Gold Coast

Storage Gold Coast Front Yard
Storage Gold Coast Front Yard

Just to keep you up to date what’s happening with our Storage Gold Coast facility at In Storage on Harper. I went nuts removing plants and debris from gardens at the front of the property. Trimmed this beauty, to a bit of an art piece. So we have our best face forward if you are passing or visiting our storage facilities.

Ring and make a time with us. Vik and I are only too happy to show you around the property and available storage units.

Personally I prefer you to come and have a look at our Storage Gold Coast units. I‘m proud of the cleanliness and coolness of every one.

Storage Gold Coast  Insulated Containers
Storage Gold Coast Insulated Containers

Containers used as Storage Units can be hot boxes but at In storage on Harper our three containers have 4 air vents each and are totally insulated internally and externally the roof tops are insulated too, cool as…

I did say I’d be mentioning the cat, Kinza.  She’s well, turned a bit smooch this month but still does her job, no ferals here. The yard dog Hapi, has a good deep bark and that is an excellent added warning system as to any one approaching and she continually cruises the perimeter of the Storage facility. Tech wise we’re up there too with the CCTV surveillance.

Vik and I live on the premises above the Storage units, we find it great as we have the wonderful Gold Coast as our home, yet In Storage on Harper is in an industrial area just off Ashmore road on the Gold Coast  and around 5 o’clock this area is like living in the country, it’s so quiet.

I have lovely neighbors, some of them are shed dwellers too. There’s a sense of community here and we all look out for each other’s properties, so perhaps if occassionally I might be referred to as being a bit like a Junk yard dog, I take it as a compliment, yes it means this ol dogs still highly alert.


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