A Logistical Storage Problem Solved

A Logistical Storage Solution is offered.

Being used to solving logistical storage problems, I could not help my mind from wandering to finding a solution that could have changed the outcome of a documentary I had just watched.
It was about a Police Drug Bust,that ended with a surprising outcome.

The finer details like who’s who and warrants eludes me, but the gist of it is this, the Guy a supposed Drug runner at his home opened his door and accepted the police into his house.
The police went about their business, with drug sniffing dogs in the pursuit of finding the drug stash.
No drugs were found.

This could have been the end of the story and never made into a documentary, if it were not for one officer doing his due diligence poking around upstairs, he gave a shout for all to come and see what else he had just discovered…

In what would generally have been a bedroom, the owner of the house had chosen to use his own home as a storage facility from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, BOXES! Boxes,the size of tea chests and in those boxes beautifully packed notes, millions of notes, MONEY and entire room full of it.

(It must have added up to an absolute motza).

So the upshot is, the man is now doing time, a long time for tax evasion.
That’s what the Police managed to get him for.

I could not help but think if the man had put his boxes in a self storage facility, paid for in advance by Mr John Smith (Mr Anonymous).

In that case Mr John Smith ( the alleged drug dealer) would likely be at his home sleeping in his own bed, instead of one supplied by Her Majesty.

So, there it is, another Logistical Storage Problem Solved.
Written ramblings by June Trenwyth-Morgan